Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there really no charges?  At some point, will you ask me to pay for training, Photographers, pictures, travel, or will you deduct fees out of my pay?

A: There are really no charges.  There are so many illegitimate operations out there, it makes our benefits sound too good to be true.  As an employer, we collect from clients who pay us for projects.  You are paid as a professional model for doing the work on the projects.

Q: Is this pornographic modeling?

A: No. FTC Publications, Inc. hires and only provides commercial, print, runway, TV, and Voice Over work to clients.

Q: I read on Model Mayhem you are a scam because you need my SSN or Taxpayer ID number!

A: We wish websites and forums would educate new models with FACTS.  We are required under Federal Law, as are ALL EMPLOYERS in the United States to collect your Social Security or Taxpayer ID number for reporting your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year on either a 1099 (most likely), and in some cases a W-2. This is because your income you earn from us is taxable income.

Q: I read on Model Mayhem you are a scam because you don’t charge any fees, and that you will charge me fees in some hidden manner, or dream up charges to give me.

A: Again, we wish these websites and forums would get the FACTS.  FTC Publications, Inc. is an employer.  We do not charge employees and contractors fees for anything, including training, photographs, travel, websites, or castings.  Our Company earns revenue from customers that hire us for projects, we in turn hire models and pay them for their work and provide benefits – just as ANY EMPLOYER would.

Q: I searched Google, and I can’t find anything on you.

A: You have not tried at all.  FTC Publications, Inc. is a Multi-national Corporation that ranks at the top of ALL major search engines, 60 physical locations around the world, Social Media, The BBB, The Internet Movie Database,  and is a listed with all major financial institutions for Direct Deposit, and finally has its own Credit Union for over 2,000 employees.

Q: Where is FTC Publications, Inc. Located?

A: Headquarters for FTC Publications, Inc. is located at 1230 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. (404) 969-4547.  The Corporation started September 12, 1988 and has been operating continuously since.