Physical Training is free, fun, challenging, and makes you feel great!

Some member applicants are exempt from physical training, they are:

  1. Medical Professionals
  2. Legal Professionals
  3. Members of the United States Armed Forces, or Armed Forces of a NATO Country, or the U.N.
  4. Models with 2,080 hours on the runway, studio, film, or combination of all three
  5. Certain college degrees from an accredited institution
  6. Graduates of another accredited ITT Program
  7. Members with 1,040 hours in the public media such as radio or TV
  8. Members who have completed at least five weeks of America’s Next Top Model or International Version
  9. Members listed in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Players Directory
  10. Members listed with at least two credits in The Internet Movie Database

In addition to physical training, academic training is also provided at no cost on line via CBT (Computer Based Training).

Members are challenged with an entire suite of training packages to expand your career and membership. This is training you can take with you anywhere.