Payroll and Payday

FTC Publications Models are paid for their assignments.  Pay day is every other Friday with pay being deposited into your free MasterCard payroll card which can be used at thousands of ATMs worldwide or any location that accepts MasterCard.  You can also transfer your pay to a checking, savings, or the FTC Publications Employees credit union account.  Unlike paper checks, Direct Deposit is fast, safe, and reliable.  You have peace of mind knowing that you can avoid a trip to the bank to deposit a manual check.  Income is taxable.

International Members, based on location will be paid for certain assignments on either an International Debit Card or other International form, you will be subject to your Country’s taxes where applicable.

Based on the type of job worked, you could also be paid royalties or points in addition to the job’s basic pay.  In general we offer jobs that pay one or more of the following:

  • Pay per actual job or session, where you get paid one flat rate for an assignment.
  • Hourly, where you are paid by the hour for a job.
  • Points or Royalty, where you are paid a percentage of sales of a job.
  • Or, a combination of one or more of the above.